social responsibility policy

Social Responsability Policy

We believe possible the development of a balanced and efficient management between economic and financial matters, respect for the human being, equity, social wellbeing promotion and an ecological and environmental respect.

Our Social Responsibility Policy, based on our Mission, Vision, Ethical Code of Conduct and Management commitment constitutes a fundamental pillar in our strategy and encourages:

• The environmental preservation and respect;
• The opening to dialogue and justice promotion;
• An ethical performance and the respect to the individual rights;
• The rights and opportunities equity;
• The opportunity to a personal and professional development;
• The accomplishment of the national legal requirements and regulations as well as other which the company subscribes;
• The accomplishment of the Social Responsibility International Standard SA8000;
• The respect for the Social Responsibility international instruments;
• The continuous improvement of our procedures and obtained results, through policies updating;
• The trustiness and rigorous business relationships;
• The existence of a fair and solidary society.

The Management promotes the local community development supporting initiatives of social, environmental or cultural character, on its own or in partnership projects or through volunteering.

For this Social Responsibility Policy and Management System implementation, the Administration has adopted the SA 8000 Standard with the scope of certification applied to “design, development and production of textile garments”.