Irmãos Rodrigues, Confeções SA

Irmãos Rodrigues is a leading company, since 1987, in the production of jerseys. Under the concept of design factory maintains a continuous research program of new materials, finishings and accessories, counting amongst its clients some of the leading brand names in the European textiles.
Being an active partner os its clients, responds to the different needs with innovative solutions suitable to the aims and identity pf each one.


Irmãos Rodrigues exists with the purpose of manufacturing and supplying, in a sustainable and social responsible manner, high quality textile garments seeking for improving, whenever possible, clients and other interested parts expectations.


Irmãos Rodrigues intends to be at the forefront of textiles manufacturing companies, creating trends for a sustainable and socially responsible future.


general information

Irmãos Rodrigues Confecções, S. A.

year of foundation

distance to next international airport/harbour

time zone

total area (m²)
4050 + 1400 Under Construction

qualitative information

product segments by gender
80% Women’s Wear, 10% Men’s Wear and 10% Children’s Wear

product segments by type of product
Dresses, Tunics, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tops, Pants, Jackets…

product segments by type of material
90% Jerseys, 10% Woven and Mixes Wear

raw materials mostly used
Cotton, Viscose, Linen, Polyamide, Lyocell, Wool…

monthly capacity in pieces per style
100 000 up to 250 000, depending on style

average production lead time
6 to 8 Weeks, After Approval

minimum quantity per style and per colour
1000/style and 300/colour (others, analysed case-by-case)

company certifications
Oeko-Tex Class I, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and SA800 (Under Certification)

Design/Sampling Structure

IR Lab (design department
6 Employees

pattern/marker making
8 Employees

sample studio/sewing
12 Employees